Medha Anand: A Journey of Civil Engineer to Civil Servant


ABC figures: Newspapers will no longer have to publish sales - BBC News

It was actually very important. To just get an idea of what is happening all around Newspaper Reading is very important. Although one might not be able to get all the aspects from a single reading but gives an idea of all the things which are going around. Initially I was reading The Hindu. But then I got tired of the same pattern and everything. Then I switched on to Indian Express. The Explained section of The Indian Express is really very good. Personally I didn’t make notes from the newspaper because it becomes messy and I didn’t know how to go about it. So I used to supplement by Newspaper Reading with Monthly Compilations. It’s relatively easier.


The hard copy material was good. Actually, I was staying in Delhi. So I had access to the hard copy materials. But if anybody has no access to it then they can just access it from the internet. It depends on what one is comfortable with. 


First is to complete the syllabus. Complete all the basic books. Second, start practicing Test Papers. That’s the only way. If you are not getting good marks in the Test Paper its okay. The most important thing is that one should not get demotivated. That’s the thing that happens with most of the people. Even if you are getting just 50 marks that’s alright..  Just hang on there. Keep giving tests and go through the previous year question paper as well. Read More

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